William "Bud" Evans

In 1966 Bud Evans, our founder began engineering work on the first Volksplane or VP-1 as it is called today. Designed to be simple to build and safe to fly, the VP-1 is a fun and inexpensive aircraft that you can build in your home.

vp-1 axelrad 9

Michael Axelrad VP-1 in Progress

Chris Riley

Chris Riley At the former USAF base at Sturgate Airfield, Lincolnshire, England.

Robert Dunleavy​

Robert Dunleavy​ VP-1 completed in 1998. 300 plus hours of fun since completed.

Roger M. Engebretsen 1

Roger M. Engebretsen LN-RME

The Brieighton VP-1 Flying Group 1

The Brieighton VP-1 Flying Group 1

VP-1 N13369

Stan Weiss, Peter Talbot, Ed Akerstrom. Pictures by Jay Akerstrom VP-1 N13369 January 6, 2001


Evans VP-1 built by Mr. Yamasaki in 6 months. Flown by Mr. Kazuo Ochi.


Dennis McGuire ​ Here is a photo of my Volksplane I built back in the 70's. notice the large cub tires. Used to land on Florida Beaches and small pastures. 1600cc VW stock engine. Never a problem with her and the fun airplane I ever had. ​

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