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Women in Aviation

This month Evan's Aircraft is celebrating Women's History Month. Check out our slide show of some of the great women in aviation history.

William "Bud" Evans

In 1966 Bud Evans, our founder began engineering work on the first Volksplane or VP-1 as it is called today. Designed to be simple to build and safe to fly, the VP-1 is a fun and inexpensive aircraft that you can build in your home.

vp-1 axelrad 9

Michael Axelrad VP-1 in Progress

Chris Riley

Chris Riley At the former USAF base at Sturgate Airfield, Lincolnshire, England.

Robert Dunleavy​

Robert Dunleavy​ VP-1 completed in 1998. 300 plus hours of fun since completed.

Roger M. Engebretsen 1

Roger M. Engebretsen LN-RME

The Brieighton VP-1 Flying Group 1

The Brieighton VP-1 Flying Group 1

VP-1 N13369

Stan Weiss, Peter Talbot, Ed Akerstrom. Pictures by Jay Akerstrom VP-1 N13369 January 6, 2001


Evans VP-1 built by Mr. Yamasaki in 6 months. Flown by Mr. Kazuo Ochi.


Dennis McGuire ​ Here is a photo of my Volksplane I built back in the 70's. notice the large cub tires. Used to land on Florida Beaches and small pastures. 1600cc VW stock engine. Never a problem with her and the fun airplane I ever had. ​

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