William "Bud" Evans Founder of Evans Aircraft Company


A Note from Bud’s Granddaughter Laura

Growing up I remember as a kid visiting my Grandma and Grandpa's house. To get to the garage from the family room we had to walk through the kitchen which had several family photos on the side wall. Some of these photos were of Bud Evans (Grandpa) actually flying the VP- 1 or standing next to it in front of an airplane hangar with, as I later learned, Bill Beatty, his test pilot, Charlie Ackerman his engine guy, and T. Claud Ryan who owned Ryan Aircraft Co. in San Diego. These pictures always stood out to me because not only did Grandpa build the VP-1 but he also kept it in the garage. So even though he wasn't flying anymore I could see what it would have looked like in the air.


When visiting my grandparents, my brother and I were often allowed to sit in the cockpit of the VP-1. Back then it was considered big enough to climb in and sit rather comfortably for the both of us, but I guess everything is at that age. What made it actually feel like it was flying was the fact that because it was facing the back of the house, we could look through the large window in the garage and look out over the cliff (or hill) that was the backyard and out into the ocean. Which meant that it was a short-lived imaginary flight over the Pacific Ocean and back just in time to get in the car and head home for the day.

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