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  • Can I modify the VP-1 structure?
    ​VERY IMPORTANT FAQ! We recommend that people use the VP primary structure AS-IS, then do all modifying and customizing in the secondary structure. Without the required engineering background, one should not modify the primary structure which has been engineered, stressed, and now proven for over 40 years! (See VP-1 Plans, page 17) Because the VP primary structure is so very simple to begin with, it has been a natural for people to build upon with their own ideas.
  • What if I am overweight?
    Heavy pilots present no structural problem provided they realize that the allowable maneuver load factor is reduced when gross weight increases. (see VP-1 Plans, page 22 & Pilot’s Handbook, page 2. We recommend that other questions related to structural modifications to accommodate overweight pilots should be researched through Volksplane forums, parts vendors, and other internet search.
  • How long does it take to build the VP-1 and what does it cost?
    It should require no more than 6 to 12 months time unless time has been taken off for other things. Costs have obviously gone up since the VP-1 was first marketed in 1968, when it could be built for $1000, including used engine. However, despite inflation along with salary increases over time, the VP is still the low cost way.
  • Can I use an engine other than that specified by the designer?
    Yes. However, such modifications come with some loss of reliability and service life. (See more detailed designer’s comments on this subject in the VP-1 Plans, page 26 and Pilot’s Handbook)
  • Where can I find information on the structural airworthiness, flight characteristics and design capabilities of the VP-1?"
    Detailed information of this kind is readily available in the Volksplane Plans and Pilot’s Handbook. As an aeronautical engineer the primary intent of the designer was to get a pilot into the air as easily, as economically, and as safely as possible. This is precisely what the VP does, and it does it remarkably well. The Volksplaner can fly to over 10,000 feet, cruise up to 94 mph, land at less than 50 mph, fly cross country legs of 200 miles, and operate from any reasonably flat field that is 1,000 to 1,500 feet long. And, he can do this with the assurance that he is surrounded by a rugged little airplane.
  • Is the VP-1 capable of acrobatics?
    Yes, but only within the parameters specified in the VP-1 Plans book, page 26 & Pilot’s Handbook, page 72.
  • Where can I get parts for the VP-1?
    Aircraft Spruce is our primary parts supplier. Click HERE to connect directly to the Aircraft Spruce VP-1 Parts page.
  • Is licensing required for a homebuilt aircraft?
    In the U.S. all homebuilt aircraft are licensed by the FAA in the Experimental / Armature Built category. Please refer to the FAA website link on our Website. Outside the U.S. check with your sport aircraft association. Most countries now have similar licensing arrangements for homebuilts. Most countries already have VPs licensed and flying.
  • What are the engineering credentials of the VP-1 designer?
    The designer has 30 years design experience with Ryan Aircraft, Convair and General Dynamics, plus 25 years in Evans Aircraft. His associates hold aeronautical engineering degrees from NYU, MIT and the University of Minnesota. In addition, the designer’s primary test pilot had 12 years of U.S. navy flying experience both as a fighter pilot and instructor. (see VP-1 Plans, page 28 & Pilot’s Handbook, page V)
  • Do we sell VP-2 Plans
    No. Despite its popularity we stopped marketing and responding to technical inquiries regarding the VP-2 years ago due to liability issues associated with 2-seat airplanes. If VP-2 plans or modifications of VP-2 plans currently exist on the Internet, it is without our permission and therefore without our approval. Additional information on both the VP-1 and 2 can be found through the following Wikipedia links: Wikipedia page about the VP-1, Wikipedia page about the VP-2
  • Can I purchase the handbook separately?
    Yes. The Handbook is available in hard copy and will soon be available as a PDF download normal or large print
  • How long will it take for the plans to arrive?
    We ship plans out to customers every Wednesday. Please allow 5 - 7 days for delivery, longer for international shipping.
  • What payment plans do you accept?
    Paypal and major credit cards
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